President’s Statement

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Presedinte - Director General ing. Florin Rusu
President & CEO
Florin Rusu

Dear partners,

Cominco Oltenia SA operates in the construction market since 1999. During this period the company strengthened its market position, answering in the affirmative the most important challenges. Through the works carried out both in Romania and in other EU countries we proved that our company is a partner that lives up to the highest demands.

Respect for partners, respect for business, respect for every member of our team and finally respect for the work, is an ongoing concern for us all.
In recent years we have invested in facilities, technology in improving processes, which leads to easy access to new opportunities.

We believe that maintaining this program in the future in conjunction with accessing new markets, will lead to the sustainable development of our company.
Success is the skills, professionalism, good cooperation between departments, enthusiasm and overall effort of the people who work within it. The company relies on a dynamic management team that has progressed notably, adapting successfully to the competitive environment of the market, and the dedication of hundreds of employees who fail to meet the challenges they face.

Recent years have challenged our commitment to long-term concerns, and the ability to face the challenges in the short and very short.
We overcame this challenge successfully strengthened our confidence so that we are ready for the future that awaits us.

President & CEO
Florin Rusu