Ecological actions


Cominco Oltenia provided support youth in volunteering Leo tails „greening” to clean Capela Hill, held on 04.21.2016. The action was aimed at collecting garbage from the area.
Organize on teams, youth were able on few hours to gather a lot of household waste, bottles, various other materials that were polluting the area.
It’s great to see that there are young people today who succeed to put aside, even for a short period of time, normal concerns of their generation (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat … etc etc) that can organize themselves, they can mobilize like especially that of activities that realizes the importance of protecting the environment in which they live and live.
And more responsible if we are aware that there are things you already belong with them and that we should care for their future.
They’re beautiful, innocent, but responsible, fail to organize themselves, to find solutions, to have ambition to achieve a goal just beautiful naturalness and normality of.
Congratulations and we assure you of our support in the future..

Youth in action
Youth in action
Capela Hill
Capela Hill
Lunch break